Squish-A-Boos loved by Squishmallows fans

The sensory comfort from squishmallows makes them a wonderful gift. Squish-A-Boos from Ty offer the same experience.

Like Squishmallows, Squish-A-Boos are cuddly, huggable, comforting ... a perfect gift for someone who likes to touch, feel and hug. Squish-A-Boos they are a wonderful gift to send to those you love, those who need a hug from you.

Squish-A-Boos are large and small, in different characters, like you can see from the squishmallows range too. From young kids to older folk, Squish-A-Boos are the comfort they could love and enjoy.

Made by Ty and part of the Beanie Boos family, Squish-A-Boos come in many of the popular Beanie Boos characters. This is where they differ from the squishmalloows characters.

If you want to watch TV and hug a pillow, hug a Squish-A-Boo. If you like to curl up for a sleep with a pillow or a pet, curl up with a Squish-A-Boo. If you like to ride in the car hugging something soft and squishy, hug a Squish-A-Boo.

Just like squishmallow, Squish-A-Boos are a perfect sensory toy or gift, they are calming, comforting, love nurturing. They are the sensory gift for people with heightened senses, people who. are comforted by a safe hug.

Made from a colorful, cozy fabric, Ty Squish-a-Boos are a soft and comforting toy, a calming sensory gift. They are available in medium (10”) and large (14”). they are perfect as a pillow or take or for use on the go. we have seen kids pack them in a backpack, a grandma sleep with them in the nursing home, a dad have one on the desk at work and a big brother hug one while watching a sad movie.

Ty Squish-A-Boos are wonderful for hugs and comfort. They are loved as much as people love squishmallows.

Here at Beanie Boos Australia, our locally owned small business is are grateful to have the full range of Ty Squish-A-Boos available for you. We will ship anywhere in Australia. We offer click and collect, too.

If you want a perfect sensory gift, something for yourself for comfort or to give to someone as comfort, consider a Squish-A-Boo as we know from our collector family that they are a wonderful, calming sensory purchase.

Now, let's get hugging!