Frequently Asked Questions.

Who runs this website?
This website is run by newsXpress on behalf of locally owned newsXpress businesses across Australia. Each newsXpress is privately owned and run.

Where is my order confirmation?
Order confirmations are sent by the website immediately on processing the order. If you have not received a confirmation please check your junk email folder.

Are all your products new?

Where is my order shipping from?
The confirmation lists the name or names of the newsXpress stores that will fulfil your order.

Why is my freight cost so high?
Our website represents products from more than 100 stores. The website places the order with the stores closest to you for the products you select. This can result in an order being filled by multiple stores.

How can I spend less on freight?
Buy from only one store, or select click and collect for which there is no freight charge.

Why have I not received everything I ordered?
If you ordered from multiple store, check your order confirmation; it could be that packages are still in transit.

How can I contact you?
The best point of contact is

What are exclusives?
These are products released in Australia only through newsXpress.

What are Claire’s Exclusives?
These are products that are released through Claire’s stores. We buy limited quantities from them for sale in Australia. They are not our exclusives, but Claire’s exclusives.

Do you ship internationally?
No, sorry.

What if a product received is damaged?
Please let us know right away via Please include a photo of the damage.

I am looking for a donation for a charity.
We love to help charities as do our locally owned newsXpress businesses. We set our giving goals at the start of the year and are unable to take on additional requests from local charity groups.


We hope these FAQs address your questions. If not, please contact us and we will help as much as possible. We want your experience with us and all newsXpress stores to be happy for you and those for whom you buy Ty products.