Squish-A-Boos and Beanie Boos perfect sensory toys

Sensory toys play a vital role in serving needs of kids and adults alike as they provide soothing comfort to those in need of this type of sensory experience.

From the happiness of a hug to the calmness of the soft feel of a fabric to the joy of a character you collect as your own for many years, Squish-A-Boos and Beanie Boos available from Beanie Boos Australia make for the most wonderful sensory gifts you can give.

Sensory toys play a vital role of comfort for many, of all ages. The calm they nurture is something to love. It is a thrill to see kids and adults hug Squish-A-Boos and embrace the sensory aspect of these beautiful and huggable toys.

We love the stories, too, from so many people loving Squish-A-Boos and the value they present as a sensory toy and gift. One mum told is her sone calmed and slept well while hugging their Squish-A-Boo. An aunt shared the happiness of the family that the smaller Squish-A-Boo provided a niece at play group and in the car when travelling with the family.

Sensory toys play a role beyond being a toy. They have a health benefit, something medical professionals speak to and it is this health benefit that makes Squish-A-Boos a wonderful sensory toy to share. They can bring calm to a difficult situation, offer comfort to someone stressed about their environment and nurture love in someone who otherwise may not like to be touched.

Medical professionals the world over speak to the role of sensory toys in many situations, across a range of age groups.

We are grateful here at Beanie Boos Australia to offer Squish-A-Boos as a wonderful sensory toy to be considered in these situations where a sensory toy is regarded by medical professionals as having value in bringing comfort and peace to someone.

When you buy a Squish-A-Boo and give it to someone or send it to them, you are giving a hug, joy, comfort, delight and love. This is a gift they can play with, talk to, hug, sleep with and rely on for comfort ... a perfect gift for those who will benefit from a sensory toy.